This photo taken by Mike "gb-packards" was found at by the Webmaster while looking for ideas to launch the Superheater Tube Pair donation campaign. The photo was originally featured on the web site front page Jan-Feb, 2014. Maybe a little too much liberty was taken by painting in some tracks and a light at the end of the tunnel in our original presentation, so here the picture is restored to its original, pure and un-adulterated glory. The Webmaster encourages you to follow the link above or under the picture and take a look at this Artist's other fabulous works which often include historical railroad subjects.



Copyrighted Photo Credit: "Western Portal Moonville Tunnel" by gb_packards, used under Creative Commons CC BY-ND 2.0

2014 promises to be an exciting year of progress for AT&SF 2926. As reported earlier, Pres. Hartshorne and CMO Kirby laid down the challenge to our Team and Supporters: "Let's finish the Locomotive restoration by June 2015 and commence a year of running trials in preparation for a possible first excursion in late summer 2016." So, you've been watching the Restoration Team working hard to make that happen!

Out in the yard, the "grunts" have been finishing up the locomotive brakes and have made serious progress towards repairing hundreds of stay-bolt sleeves and caps. More & more of the engine's exterior plumbing, pumps and various fixtures are being completed and permanently bolted on every week. The new seats are in and the locomotive's new brake shoes will be ordered soon. GCRW will likely return the refurbished cross-heads any week now, making it possible to finish installing the main pistons, drive rod gear and Walschaerts gear.

Meanwhile, back in our Reefer-Office, the Plots & Plans Committee has been working hard on soliciting & selecting a bid for a new engine house which will be constructed on-site soon to keep the locomotive out of the weather and protected from harm's way. Plots & Plans is also way ahead of the game in terms of navigating the way forward with respect to planning the running trials & route(s), final certification and transition to operations.

Yes, there is a lot going on - but we still need YOUR help to keep up this fast pace and get across the finish line! The flue tube installation, followed by the superheater tubes, has to be just about the last things finished - because FRA regulations state that the "limited 15-year life" clock starts ticking once the first tube gets welded-in. Please consider making a special contribution today and "buy" a Superheater tube (or two) today to help us fund this effort!