Panoramic view inside the Fire Box by Ron. T. (originally featured on the web site front page November 2013).

This view looks towards the front of the engine while standing in the firebox. In the foreground are visible the "Wishbone" shaped heater tubes that increase efficiency by directly transferring a lot of the thermal energy generated by combustion to the water circulating in the boiler. In the background, the Flue Tube Sheet (lots of holes) can be seen which will soon contain tubes carrying the combustion exhaust through the rest of the boiler forward to the stack, transferring even more thermal energy to the water inside. The fuel-spray nozzle is the small, rectangular object poking into the floor near the bottom-center. Visible along the walls is the myriad of stay-bolts - which suspend the firebox in the boiler's bath of water, thus preventing the metal from reaching melting temperatures. Also visible are the yellow grid-lines and annotations covering the surface of the walls; nearly a couple thousand ultra-sonic wall-thickness measurements were made (inside & out) to insure the structural integrity of the boiler. All questionable areas were cut-out and replaced some time ago. The "room" is almost large enough to seat a table of six comfortably!