This photo was created by 2926 Team Member Ron Taylor, a retired industrial photographer with over 20 years experience in the aerial mapping field. He used a technique where he took several recent shots of AT&SF 2926 at different F-stops and time exposures, then composited the shots together to form this high-contrast photo that pulls out details of the locomotive that would have otherwise been lost in the shadows. Besides Ron's excellent photography, he's made numerous other contributions to the organization including his highly successful "Wrenchito" seized stay-bolt cap remover tool (photo 1, photo 2) and amazing adjustable rotary stay-bolt sleeve trimming jig, just to name a couple other things.

We keep some of Ron's other stunning shots online - a couple at the ABQ Backshops and a panoramic view of the firebox can still be found on our main Photos page under OTHER TIMELESS PHOTOS.