Inside the boiler just before the final flue Tubes were installed.

The last of the flue tubes were placed in the flue tube section of the boiler (2/2/15), ready to be permanently installed. This image was taken through the highest hole in the front flue tube sheet. You can see the top layer of the flue tubes on either side. The actual water level in the boiler will be 8"-10" inches above the top row of flue tubes and about 6" above the top of the fire box, clearly visible in the center of the image.

The top of the image shows the large pipe that carries steam from the steam dome forward to the wet side of the super heater manifold. On either side of the steam pipe you can see seven stay bolts that have 3 rivets each in the end where they attach to the boiler jacket. The other end of each stay bolt is attached to the forward flue tube sheet to re-enforce it above the water line .

To get rid of distracting shadows in the top of the image and provide good detail for the length of the flue tubes, each side of the image was exposed independently. Three exposure values were required record the detail for the entire depth of the image, including the flexible stay bolts above and below the fire box in the center the image. The coloration and shadow edge effects are a byproduct of processing seven exposures into a single image using HDR or High Dynamic Range software.

Photo by Ron Taylor, a retired industrial photographer and member of the machine shop team.