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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 03/30/2013


Another productive week on site.

With all the drivers now connected with the side rods, the 2926 was moved for the first time since the rods came off many months ago. We exercised it down the siding then back again spotting 3 and 4 drivers over the pit.

The oil drain apparatus was lowered into the pit and one drive axle was drained of it's oil. Rinsing and relubricating will begin Wednesday.

Along side that operation the driver brake cylinder honing began. Two men suited up with Tyvek coverals went to work with the hone. One is finished.

The fabrication for the stolen cast steel cylinder exhaust was completed and hoisted into place. Some minor adjusting of the fit-up will be done then we can tack weld the heavy square flanges to the saddle tee.

Good progress was made fabricating replacement insulation shields at the front boiler support area. Those need to be finished prior to the reinstallation of the #1 driver air brake cylinder and exhaust piping.

More pipe bending and painting was done to replace some of the air and steam pipe associated with the air compressors.

A coat of sealer was applied to the cab wood in preparation for the paint to follow. All the purists can rest easy now . . . the final color will be (gag me with a spoon) the original green.

The small diamteter replacement copper seals for the flexi staybolt plugs arrived last week and all were sent through our in-house designed and fabricated cupping device. The larger ones should arrive this week.

More painting was done around the timing gear frame area. The weather is getting warmer so we'll be able to accomplish a lot of that in the coming months.

Wasted flexi bolt sleeve removal continues as an ongoing project. A jig has been fabricated to aid our work.

Hope to see you all on site this week and as always . . .
Keep on Steamin',
Rick Kirby, CMO