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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 12/12/2015

December 14, 2015

Our work week, for the most part, was shortened by a drizzling rain Saturday. A few hearty souls worked most of the day as the rain eventually passed over, but turned to snow Saturday night.

As I previously reported we discovered several flexible staybolt sleeves which were not salvageable so they have been removed and replaced.

Repair work on the burner assembly are ongoing. The work remaining will be performed by our machinists.

The support for the back-up dynamo has been completed except for the parts which will support it and keep it level. None too soon because the back-up dynamo has been completed and making power. Thanks go out to ABQ Generator for their excellent work!

Various steel parts were being painted as our weather has been, up until Saturday, warm enough for those projects. Support brackets, handrails, footboards and the sand dome were some of the items being painted.

One of the support stud bolts under the forward end of the engineer's side foot boards had been broken and required replacement. The old stud was drilled out with a mag drill. We plan to re-tap the hole this week.

Air brake piping is being removed from storage and installed. These pipes are associated with the air reservoir.

Work continues on the new air brake stand. Cover panels were cut and bolt holes drilled. These panels are intended to cover the access holes needed to work on the various valves inside the stand.

Various handrails have been installed along with the engineer's side foot boards.

Working through the various holes in the drivers, workers are installing hard to get to lubrication lines. The old ones are being replaced since most have been dried, cracked and simply aged out.

All the Christmas/Membership renewal cards have been sent out. If you don't receive yours by week's end please notify us by email or call. We might not have your correct address. We hope that each one of us will be as generous as possible as we will have expenses for fuel and major increases in insurance. Also, on the list will be insulation and jacketing so donate whatever you can. Remember, donations are tax deductible.

Don't forget the Annual Safety refresher on January 23rd at the Local 412 Pipefitter's Union Hall, 510 San Pedro SE. We hear at 8:30 AM there will be burritos for everyone Come early so you can sign in and get your burritos as the ones you like go fast! This is not a New Member class, but a refresher only. We have a guest speaker that's a retired safety person from BNSF coming in just for this meeting. The meeting will start at 9:00 and plan on a couple hours for this meeting. It's a very important meeting. If you miss this one you will have another opportunity in February, the date is yet to be determined.

Wednesday is going to be very cold, so please come prepared and get warm when you need to. Hope to see everyone at the site this week, and as always . . .

Keep on Steamin',
Rick Kirby, CMO