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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 04/16/2016

April 18, 2016

The locomotive is in the last stages of the major portions of the restoration. In the last several weeks we have been repairing washout plugs and their copper seals.

Other volunteers have been making steady progress on the air brake system. Support brackets have been fabricated and installed along with their respective components. Some of the components have been temporarily piped in case changes may be necessary while others are piped permanently.

All the flexible staybolt plugs have now been retightened. Some of these existing sleeves developed cracks and are awaiting replacements.

The air brake driver shoe holders have all been overlay-welded at their individual wear points. They are now in line to be ground down to their proper circumference.

The grinder itself has undergone several modifications to enhance its performance.

Lubrication piping is now being tested with the lube they will dispense. Some leaks were detected due to defective fittings.

As always more pipes were insulated and some covered with protective coating.

Scrap pipe and steel was removed adjacent to our engine building site to provide more space for the construction crews and equipment. Final layout of the building footprint will begin on or about the 26th of April. Footings will begin within days of layout. Steel erection should be complete the 2nd or 3rd week of May.

Hope to see everyone on site this week, and as always . . .

Keep on Steamin',
Rick Kirby, CMO