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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 05/14/2016

May 15, 2016

The construction of the car barn moved right along this past week as the forms were removed and the backfill material was shoveled in, tamped and leveled. Starting on Monday the steel skeleton will arrive and assembly will start and run all of next week. All is on schedule.

Work progressed on the 26L brake system, the last filter is being fitted and more piping will be in order next week.

Brake shoe brackets have all been machined to perfect the fit with the shoes. Painting of the bracket and installation will commence next week.

The steam powered air compressors have finally been hooked up to the lubricators and governors and a fitting has been added to allow the pumps to operate on air pressure instead of steam so we can operate the various air powered items such as the brake system. Once the 26L is installed we can brake the locomotive when it is cold. Don’t want her to slip downhill on us. Other fittings were added to the main air tank to allow for operation of air tools when on the road.

Welding inside the firebox was finished, washout plugs had new coppers pressed in and should be on site next week.

The solid WALNUT window frames received a coating of varnish and the configuration of the superheater test bench was discussed.

Our CMO ought to be back in harness by mid-week.

Remember, summer hours are in effect. We start at 7:30 to avoid the late afternoon heat.

As Rick says,

“Keep on steamin!”
Bob DeGroft, VP & Assistant CMO