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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 05/21/2016

May 23, 2016

Gail and I are back from some R & R at Lake Powell. Thanks go out to Bob D. for filling in for me during my absence. Also to our crew that continued work on the 2926 restoration. Gail thanks Frank G. and John G. for taking Minutes for the meetings we had while gone.

Biggest news for the week is that our engine house/garage steel framing went up and now waits the siding to be installed.

Workers continued to work on the air brake system mounting components and air filters where they can be serviced as needed.

The compressed air piping is still being tested for leaks and repaired as necessary.

The machine shop has been contouring new copper seals on the washout plugs. A device to reface the washout plug seats is being designed and fabricated.

All of the flexible staybolt sleeves which leaked during our last compressed air test of the boiler have now been repaired. New sleeves were welded on where the originals could no longer hold pressure.

Pipefitters and Carlos are designing and fabricating a test bench for hydro testing of the superheaters. After each unit is tested it will be installed in their proper place.

All of the driver brake shoe heads have been repaired and contoured to fit the brake shoes. They will be installed when we can move the engine back over the pit, most likely after the garage construction is complete.

As most of you know we will have a Grand Opening/Ribbon cutting of our Engine House/Garage on June 11th at 10:00, working hours are still 7:30 that day. Our guests will be arriving hopefully long before 10 as the festivities will get started right on time. There will be a BBQ lunch served so please be prepared to make a donation for the lunch. We will need to ready the site the Wed. before and make sure we have a good place for the food set-up. Food will arrive early that morning and we'll keep it warm enough for lunch. Thanks for everyone that is coming and has already made their RSVP. We thank all our supporters for their generous gifts to help make this possible!

Hope to see everyone at the site this week. It will be hot, so come prepared and stay hydrated, and as always . . .

Keep on steamin',
Rick Kirby