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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 04/27/2013


A busy week it was at the restoration site!

Tom T. and Dr. Mike removed the burner then Warren J. and Gail K. began the task of cleaning the built-up crud.

Ward Mc., Ed K., Pete A. and John M. set about removing the tender air brake cylinders in preparation for the up-coming move to downtown during National Train Day.

Pete A. and Gail K. teamed up to check the tender roller bearing lubricant and re-safety wire the fill plugs.

Also in preparation for Train Day the steam whistle piping we use for various events is being mounted on the rear of the tender. Bob D. procured the temporary fastening devices and Jon S. procured a loaner Glad Hand air hose from Amtrak. An Amtrak engine will provide the air for it to operate.

Chuck M. was in town and went to work with Henry R. blowing out the tender air brake piping.

Ed K. Pat H. and Roger J. are disassembling, cleaning and lubricating the tender air brake cylinders. New filter media will be installed next week.

Randy Mc. has procured the cab floor material and the number board repair wood. Pete O. and Morris D. began treating the wood with sealer.

George D., Ken D. and Dick P. have been replacing broken stud bolts and installing the 3" boiler feed water piping. George is also cleaning various areas for painting prior to insulation being put in place. Ed. L. was applying a coat of paint on the metal insulation shields.

Danny R. and John G. continued repairing small knicks on the smoke box flue sheet while Carlos and Dave V. began fabricating the 6" steam cylinder exhaust crossover pipe.

Ian B. and Henry R. finished honing the vertical locomotive air brake cylinders. The air brake piping to the cylinders are being blown out removing old dirt and debris.

Al H. made a trash haul removing most of the branches from the Elm trees cut down last week.

Eric R. brought in two metal plates from his work place. With a bit of realigning they will aid us in re-tramming the crossheads when reinstalled.

Ron T. and Martin S. were once again removing old and wasted flexi bolt plugs and sleeves.

John T. also hauled off a load of trash in his freshly repainted metalic blue truck. To make sure it was properly received, an application of steam oil was in order. (Just kidding John!)

Doyle C. is almost finished with the Quarterly Newsletter. Watch for it soon.

Also a new video depicting restoration activities will be on the website soon. "Santa Fe all the Way" was done by our members Jim & Debbie V. in Florida.

Our summer work housrs will begin this coming Saturday, May 4th. Start time is 7:30 am.

Thanks to Bob D. for standing in for me during my "other" annual volunteer work session at Lake Powell in Page, AZ.

Steve B. has returned to work on site after an extended absence as he tended to family obligations. Welcome back Steve!

On another note, we are sorry to hear that Andy R. has been hospitalized and family has begun to come in to town. We wish Nancy and his family all the strength as they tend to Andy's needs during this rough time.

Hope to see you all on site this week and as always . . .
Keep on Steamin',
Rick Kirby, CMO