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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 07/23/2016

July 24, 2016

Since I was unavailable on Saturday or maybe for the upcoming weeks due to a bum knee, TW3's might be hard to come by. President, Dr. Mike, has done a great job filling in on this past week's happenings. I'm using his words to pass along to everyone.

Keep on steamin',
Rick Kirby

Wednesday 7/20/16:
  1. Albert L's speeder was retrieved from WHEELS Museum and is now on display/storage at the RIP site.
  2. Paul B. did an initial fit of Swagelok hoses in the 26L brake stand.
  3. The machine shop gang annealed copper gaskets for flexible staybolt caps.
  4. Paul T. continued the meticulous restoration of the long valve rods and handles for the cab.
  5. Ward and Henry R. worked to tighten flexible staybolt caps.
  6. Jerome mounted the new Signal Foam-Meter in the cab (looks great).
  7. Kurt O. did surgery on some broken grinders.
  8. Randy, Wild Bill and Bob M. continued work on the little brass lube reservoirs for the air pumps.
  9. Electricians gone, 1/2 of the Engine House lights and both fans wired up and working. The rest of the lights are planned for install next Wednesday.

Thursday, 7/21/16:

At about 1950 hours an intruder mangled the west gate and entered the site thru an activated security beam. He looked around the place briefly and was photographed. While he was using our paper towel supply to clean up after relieving himself behind the machine shop the Armed Response Team arrived and chased him off the property. Unfortunately they did not catch him. Ron T., Rick and Gail were summoned by the Armed Response Team and they made temporary repairs to the gate.

Here are a few things that were going on Saturday, 7/23/16. It was really hot.

  1. After Dr. Mike cleaned up the intruder's human scat behind the machine shop the gate he mangled was rebuilt by Ron T. and Henry R. Preliminary inspection of the scat indicates he is eating junk food not veggies.
  2. Ed, Ron T, and John M worked on parts for the superheater bundle test rig.
  3. George D. worked with an impact wrench taking off flexible staybolt caps for new, freshly annealed copper gaskets.
  4. John R. worked prepping for new sleeves to be welded on in rows 7 and 12. The repair sleeves were trimmed to the proper size and angle in the machine shop.
  5. Ken D. and Kurt O. worked on installing fireman's valve controls in the cab.
  6. Three newbies had orientation and safety training by Jon S. and Dr. Mike.
  7. Martin S. and Paul B. continued work and measurements for more flexible Swagelok hoses on the 22L brake controls.
  8. Ken D. drove Lurch to get the locomotive in and out of the Engine House and started the training of Kurt O. to be a Lurch driver.
  9. It was 100 degrees in the shade yesterday afternoon and everybody was sucking cold water like a pack of camels.

Dr. Mike Hartshorne
President, NMSL&RHS