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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 08/13/2016

August 15, 2016

TW3 substitute by Dr. Mike (both CMO Rick and Madame Secretary Gail have been doctoring this last week).

This week Ron T and Dr. Mike were aided by John G in building a second set of cab access stairs for the open house on September 24th, 2016 (9-5). With these fitted up this year we'll get folks into the cab on one side and out on the other.

Friday, August 12th, saw a small crew working a video shoot for the BBC's second season of 'Great American Railway Journeys' TV show.. NMSL&RHS historian John T worked with BBC's Michael Portillo and a professional crew. Word has it that the show with a little bit from the 2926 shoot will be run in February 2017.

Randy and crew continued to do battle with the lubrication system for the driver boxes. The lube lines run from distribution boxes set in out of the way places to fittings that direct oil over and into small pockets in the frame that were packed with horse hair, cotton waste, dried old oil and lots of dirt. Once cleaned out each needs a visual inspection or a palpation while lube is forced through the line to establish whether if flows to the right area. Pushing the 2926 back and forth to expose those pockets through holes in the drive wheels makes the already dirty work tedious.

Frank and his gang continued crossing the 'T' s and dotting the 'I's on the Form 4 Boiler Card. Form 19 boiler repair reports are being completed to accompany the Form 4 to the FRA.

Our Lubbock based members Steve and Pat worked with Ken and Pete to install and adjust the air lines for the automatic bell ringer. Turns out that there is a fine point between not ringing at all and ringing really fast.

Junior member Sam B became the first to be awarded in one day a 'pit rat' patch and a 'pig pen' patch for his dress uniform. We hope to see more of him under the boiler.

Carlos O and his crew made adjustments to the superheater bundle pressure test rig they have been building. The first bundle passed with no difficulty beyond the back breaking work of lugging it out of and back into the storage container.

Kurt O continues his tender loving care of Lurch and is learning to drive it. Get the women and children off the track ! Speaking of which Safety Officer Jon S conducted GCOR compliant training for movement of the 2926 with Lurch for the 30+ members who came to the monthly meeting Saturday August 13th.

Plans are firming up for the September 24, 2016 Open House. Please plan to lend a hand for this long but rewarding day. It is an important day for the Society to thank our friends for their support and make some new friends, too. Lots of work will include set up at 0700 (burritos at 0730), parking cars, giving tours, cooking hot dogs, cleaning up, running the store, and finally putting it all away at the end of the day. Dress uniforms are strongly encouraged. Roundhouse hickory pinstripe overalls are easy to find on and if you get a pair remember to make allowance for your waist size plus TWO INCHES for the guys. (Who knows about womens' measurements?) If you get your overalls the store will give you a free society logo patch and 2926 number patch for them. If you have been presented a 'pit rat' or 'pig pen' patch those are also available at the store to dress up you pinstripes. Red bandanas, RR watches, 2926 hats and such make nice accessories for the fashion conscious.

Please pass around the flyers for the Open House and invite your families and friends. Bring your camera and kids. If you can't find any kids just act like one.

Dr. Mike Hartshorne
President, NMSL&RHS