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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 06/03/2017

June 7, 2017

For the good news the 26L air brake components and piping installation is complete. Crews are testing the system and have begun adjusting the slack adjusters.

Our painting contractor has begun sanding the tender for final painting. Workers are sanding each rivet removing orange peel and paint runs from the last paint job. They are performing their work inside the engine house.

We are still repairing leaks at washout plugs, stud bolts and flexible staybolt plugs. Work continues in these areas for this week's work sessions.

Piping and supports were complete and installed for the second dynamo. All piping was insulated and sealed.

Electrical technicians continued work on the main switch panels while others performed maintenance on the car mover.

MU and fireman's side air brake piping continued on the tender as supports were installed for the receptacles and bending pipe as necessary.

As usual, for the next several months, sheet metal work marches on.

The fuel oil container was drilled and tapped for a thermowell. It will receive a thermometer bulb with a remotely mounted temperature gauge to monitor the fuel oil temperature.

New spitter valves were installed on the air reservoir tanks.

Other workers removed a broken steam chest cylinder head bolt with the help of another of Ron T.'s manufactured apparatuses. The hole was then re-tapped to clean up the old threads.

Lastly, the engineers seat was moved from it's temporary position to it's final mounting area.

This Saturday is the General membership meeting at 7:30 AM. Please come early to help put chairs out. We have less than a month for the voting of officer's to the Board. If you have not sent in your ballot or voted in person, please do so before July 1.

This week is going to be hot, so please keep yourself hydrated and get out of the heat as necessary. Saturday is supposed to be 95°, the hottest day of the week. Sunscreen is recommended as well, and apply more than once a day.

Hope to see everyone at the site, and as always . . .

Keep on Steamin',
Rick Kirby, CMO