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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 09/02/2017

September 4, 2017

This week preparations are being made to reinstall the blast pipe after it was moved out of the way. A bore scope camera was used to look into the steam cylinder passages to the blast pipe. Several rocks were seen and removed from them. An old rag was also found in one of them.

The last of the new "J" bolts were fabricated to secure the blower to the blast pipe. They were bent to the proper circumference then threaded. New special shaped bolts were fabricated for the blast pipe also. After a time in the furnace the bolt threads were brushed clean and new nuts were provided.

We were getting short on bracket material so more was procured and some was cut into a more manageable size.‚Äč A new bell "bowtie" was fabricated and installed with this material.

New metal shrouding for the blast pipe floor was cut as the old metal had wasted away. The metal around the steam cylinder supply pipes are also wasted and templates for those will also be made to cut new metal for them in the coming days.

Small brackets were made and installed under the water glass assemblies to ensure they won't vibrate down out of their proper settings.

The fireman's side water level indicator bracket had been bent, most likely in the park, many years ago. It was remanufactured and set to it's proper alignment with the crown sheet.

More brackets were fabricated and installed on the tender for air brake piping. Final pipe bending was performed to fit the brackets.

Tender lettering is complete on both sides. We now await our painting contactor to complete the top rear tender painting so the final capacity lettering can be completed.

Bob D. has been fabricating the wooden front of the cab window frames. A trial fit was done Saturday and looked very good.

The front of the electrical panel was completed. Over the next several work sessions we will be working on running conduit and wiring where required.

Please don't forget our open house as it will soon be upon us. We need all able bodied volunteers to finish cleaning up the area to transform it into a great place to visit.

Madam Secretary and I will be taking a little R & R time so Bob D. will be filling in for me during this time. Don't do "while the cat's away the mice will play" game. We need everyone to help with this project! We'll see you when we return to the site. Get lots done while we're away, and as always . . .

Keep on Steamin',
Rick Kirby, CMO