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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 05/25/2013


Both Rick and Gail were under the weather last week so I filled in for them.

Lots of muscle was expended putting the three engine brake cup assembly's up into their places under the engine. Rick brought in a rental lifter that made the job a bit easier, but it still was a big all day job (try 5:30 PM to finish).

Welding was completed on the water heater piping and it was painted last Saturday; now it is ready to install.

More sheet metal cutting and painting, and fitting insulation around the steam chest in the hard places to reach.

The final brake cylinder assembly that lies up on the front frame under the smoke box was put into place and rigged up, and while that was being done one of the brake slack adjusters was installed between the #2 drivers and the #2 brake cylinder. A bit of wiggling was required to fit it but it works fine. The next step is to locate the piping to connect all four cylinders together and test with air to make sure we have no leaks in the various fittings.

In order to fit a spaghetti-like piece of large hot water piping about 8 feet long with lots of twists, we installed the hot water feed pump in its location so measurements and fitting of the pipe can take place.

More parts were cleaned of rust and gook and some painting will have to be done in places that will soon become inaccessible.

Parts were ordered to construct a 28" cylinder hone and a preliminary design was discussed.

The stack lifter turnbuckles are going to have to be re-manufactured since there doesn't seem to be any modern versions. The machinists are working on the re-fit.

We should get samples of the small staybolt sleeve castings later in the week.

A reminder that the Road Scholar group will be on our site June 6th. We need to keep our speeches to a minimum so we can share the store time as well. Just need a couple of guides to help out with their group. They have to be at the WHEELS by 11 am so that doesn't give us much time with them. Their schedule is below:

Day 2, THURSDAY, June 6
7:00 am - 8:00 am Breakfast in hotel dining area
8:00 am - 9:00 am CLASS: The History of Railroading in New Mexico - Dick Sandlin, instructor
9:15 am FIELD TRIP: Bus departs for visits to the New Mexico Steam Locomotive and Railroad Historical Society locomotive restoration site (9:30 am visit) and the Wheels Transportation Museum (11:00 am visit)

Keep on Steamin', and hurry back Rick and Gail!

Bob DeGroft, Assistant CMO