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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 02/24/2018

February 26, 2018

Work progressed this week on the backhead insulation and jacketing. More refinished jacket pieces are expected this week. They will be checked for proper fit and adjusted as necessary, then off to the paint shop.

We're still waiting for the proper material to arrive for the 26L component shield to be completed. It was temporarily installed so the lower support brackets could be measured, designed and fabricated.

A battery box was fabricated and bolted into place along with a welded gusset.

Two other electrical junction boxes were installed and painted. Various other pipes and conduit also received a coat of shiny black paint.

The stack cover was completed as workers put a coat of ruby red paint on both sides along with precautionary stenciling.

Small bore control piping is still in progress along with new fabricated support brackets, many of which have been wasted thin years ago.

Workers have begun checking all the many nuts and bolts for the proper tightness along with installing cotter pins as needed.

Our forging crew has pretty much perfected their art of melting brass and having it adhere to the test steel pieces. The next task will be to coat the buffer plate with silicone bronze welding rod.

Our MU/electrical conduit installers have been hard at work on the power to the number board enclosure. One of the fixtures had an odd sized pipe nipple so a custom one was fabricated to fit it. ‚ÄčA normal 3/4" pipe thread was too loose, but the other half was a normal 3/4" pipe thread. The pipe dies were adjusted to cut a shallower thread to accommodate the odd-sized fitting.

More infrastructure was done as 220 volt supply was delivered down to the old superheater container to provide power to another welder. This is where the silicone bronze metal will be applied to the buffer plate.

We have a new member class coming up March 10th at 0900 in the Reefer office. See our web site for more info on that and who you should contact.

As for the membership donations and/or renewals we have many of you that are reading this right now that have not paid your 2018 membership renewals. If you are unsure please let Gail know at this email address. She went through our membership list on Saturday and has many, many emails of persons that are in arrears. If you do not wish to continue your membership we need to know. Soon those emails will be getting a note from Madam Secretary about those renewals. Even if you paid, say in the summer of 2017, you still need to renew. We need your monetary help to finish out this project. We appreciate your continued support.

If you wish to help support our tool car GoFundMe campaign, please make a note somewhere on your check or PayPal where it should go. We have a ways yet to go on the tool car, but your help is always appreciated.

Weather is not looking real good for Wednesday, but weather people sometimes get it wrong. We shall see, but come on down and have some fun helping us with the few projects left remaining, and as always . . .

Keep on Steamin',
Rick Kirby, CMO