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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 11/03/2018

November 5, 2018

Due to the loss of a family member, Gail and I have been absent for the past several sessions. Thanks to Bob D. and the rest of the crew for continuing on while we were done.

Work is ongoing on the root valve.

Progress was made on the tender brake adjustments and replacing each air valve for the trucks.

Rail maintenance was being done on our sidings as wear on the track has produced a sharp lip on the inside of the track. We doubt it has ever been done since it was new in 1937.

Workers completed the enlargement of the buddy steam line which was restricting the air flow to the blower and atomizer during our last steam-up. New and larger air hose was also purchased to deliver the compressed air to the buddy steam line.

The throttle valve assembly received more attention and is also ready for another test.

The sheet metal crew have been reorganizing the completed and stored pieces since they were hurriedly put away prior to the open house. A few more pieces of jacketing have been installed around the smokebox.

This past Saturday more tender badges were fabricated. The men are working as fast as they can to get all of the requests out and in the mail or to be picked up. There's still some available and if you'd like to give a nice gift for Christmas, now's the time to get yours ordered. They are $100 if you pick up or $110 to order in the mail including S&H. Just let us know by sending us a check with the name and address (NMSL&RHS, PO Box 27270, ABQ, NM 87125) of the recipient or by paying by PayPal on our website at If paying by PayPal, you need to let us know your name and address and what it's for in the comments. You can also email us at if you'd like to ask a question about it.

Various appliance tests were being performed with available compressed air. We also were rechecking the alignment of the burner and for any obstructions. The oil outlet slot is only 1/32 of an inch.

The electrical crews were busy running wires and installing newly acquired LED cab bulbs into sockets previously affixed.

Our first 9:00 AM start time for this winter begins this coming Wednesday. Looks to be a nice day, and as always . . .

Keep on Steamin',
Rick Kirby, CMO