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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 01/18/2020

January 21, 2020

Well we had a very busy week. Saturday a week ago we filled the tender and locomotive in preparation for another steam-up this past Tuesday.

Matt C., COO (Chief Operating Officer NMSL&RHS), arrived on Monday morning for an afternoon meeting with NMDOT representatives. The following morning he served as our official fireman with Henry R. in tow as his assistant.

The engine steamed well as anticipated and final pressure adjustments were made on two of the three safety valves.

We ran the air compressors for the two hours on steam as our brake crew performed various tests including an orifice test.

Wednesday we drained the tender, but the loco water was still too hot to drain.

The usual work continued with electrical and jacketing work.

The RPCA (Railroad Passenger Car Alliance) Convention was in town and we had volunteers rotating in and out helping with stuffing of their packets and the registration desk at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. A big thank you to those that pitched in to help the RPCA!

Friday, the RPCA had ordered a tent to be erected on our site for demonstrations. It was complete with a heater and had a PA system. Our dependable volunteers were there to oversee the proper placement of the 20' x 40' tent.

Saturday we again pressurized the boiler and blew out any remaining water from the locomotive and all low point drains were opened.

RPCA members began arriving around 11:00 a.m. and were there until about 3:30 p.m. Our visitors were apparently impressed with the shiny 2926 and asked many questions. We had some join our organization and sold a lot of merchandise as well. All persons I spoke with were very pleased with the progress, appearance and workmanship of the volunteer staff.

Speaking with our tool car mechanic, Mark, all the air brake hoses are now at his shop. Weather there at this time isn't the best. However, as soon as he can install the required hoses he'll do an air brake test and if all is well the car will be ready to roll. Initial contacts have been made with both BNSF and NS regarding transporting the car to our site.

Hope to see those in town at the site this week, and as always . . .

Keep on Steamin',
Rick Kirby