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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 09/28/2013

October 1, 2013

This past week was spent proparing for the open house last Saturday. The restoration site received finishing touches as tarps were hung for the shade, tables and chairs were set out and varouis equipment installed on the locomotive for display.

Early Saturday morning the restoration site came alive. Dr. Mike provided the annual burrito feast as the aroma of fresh coffee filtered out of the temporary kitchen area.

Volenteers unfurled the shade tarps while others rolled out table clothes and secured them to the tables.

Jon S. arrived with his fold-up O-gauge mobile train layout which is always a kid favorite. Operating models of Thomas the Tank and AT&SF 2926 were among his attraction.

Karla D. and her crew of Jim & Debbie V. (our resident Floridians for a few days), Helen V., Don Mac., Charlie J. and Linda C. helped set up and run the kitchen and cook hot dogs. Helen, Dave V.'s wife refused to take a break cooking the hot dogs remaining at the helm all day! Linda is John C.'s wife. Thanks to those that helped and I hope I haven't forgotten anyone's name.

John C. demonstrated the rebuilt dynamo as it provided power for a locomotive headlight. Flanking him was a duplex pump which will be used during initial fireings of the locomotive. Mike S. operated it off and on all day. Both were powered with compressed air.

The souvenir store was also a busy place. Pete A. headed up a crew of money handlers as visitors purchased shirts, hats, toys and art work. Karla D., Steve B. and Gail K. were among Pete's assistants. Again I hope I haven't missed anyone's name. Gayle Van Horn was on site to sign his prints.

Anthony P. and Henry R. hung out by the newly restored speeder answering questions. They also cranked up it's thumping 2-stroke power plant.

Pete O. and Morris D. headed up the unheralded parking attendants with Danny R. and Dave T. in tow directing visitors to available parking spots. I'm sure they had people to help relieve them.

By the end of the day Karen E. informed us that 1075 folks visited our 2926 restoration site, several of whom became new members.

The remaining volunteers circulated in the crowd answering their questions and providing tours.

Other groups supporting our open house included Amtrack personnel, BNSF's Harvey Girls and B & H Wholesale provided free popcorn. Music was provided by Los Radiators and our own Dr. Mike gave his rendition of some old RR songs, The Territorial Brass Band and Emily Anslover's fiddling and her family group.

Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this year's open house a great success. And I'm sorry if I missed names, but I just couldn't recall everyone and where you worked in particular. A lot of people roamed throughout the crowd. You know who you are and I appreciate everything you all do for us.

This week appears to be a great week to work, except Saturday looks to be a bit cooler than normal. Low 60's and low 40's for morning temps.

Hope to see you at the site, and as always . . .

Keep on Steamin',
Rick Kirby, CMO