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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 11/16/2013

November 17, 2013

As with most of the past work sessions, flexible staybolt work progressed at a steady pace. No staybolt sleeve welding was done Saturday since those workers were not present.

We took the opportunity to position the trailing truck over the pit to install slack adjusters. The machinists were called upon to fabricate a few new clevis pins for those slack adjusters.

Elsewhere on site more cab parts were being cleaned and painted. More frame cleaning and painting was also accomplished.

Reinstallation of one of the foot board supports was finished. It required a small alteration due to a stud bolt repair.

New air brake shut-off valves arrived and were installed Saturday. The originals would not hold pressure.

The boiler check valve assembly was hoisted into place and secured. The last section of injector pipe was then installed.

Several weeks ago heavy steel radial buffer replacement parts were ordered. They were delivered on Wednesday. Bob D. and Dave V. transported the 1 1/2" thick piece to Mega Corp. It was placed in their 1500 ton press to form the curved surface which mates to the locomotive. Saturday it was cut to the proper dimensions and ground smooth. The remaining parts, which will eventually be welded to the curved piece, will be fabricated this coming week. The two large wedges, which are part of the buffer assembly, are being cut by Eric R. at Noor Manufacturing. These pieces are the last of the parts to be replaced due to the theft by metal scrapers back in July of 2012.

The three new cab chairs arrived this week. Randy Mc. Picked them up from the Con-Way facility and brought them to the site. After a short inspection period their shipping cartons were re-strapped and the chairs were then taken to storage on Bob D.’s property close by. The chairs are very impressive looking and will keep our engineers and firemen comfortable, especially on longer trips. Many thanks to Jim and Debbie V. in FL for being instrumental in the procurement of these chairs. USSC Seating Group did a great job with them. Many of the guys checked out how well they sat and we almost couldn’t get them out of them. One said they’d like to take one home with them and another tried to take a nap.

Doyle C. yearly does his deed by working out at the International Balloon Fiesta. During his tenure at the Fiesta this year he encountered the Nikon representatives. Each year they go to a particular place and try out their new equipment. They appeared at our site on Wednesday with about 15 representatives from all over the world. They took videos, still photos and even a helicopter with a camera on it was hovering around our locomotive and site. Then Doyle and Dr. Mike H. took them down to the back shops and they did great things down there with their new equipment. All in all they had a good time and hopefully we’ll see some sort of a video with all of us as usual suspects for their cast. Nikon reps, we hope to see you again sometime!

Should be a good week, except for Saturday. There looks to be some sort of a cold front coming in, so dress warm. I believe the weather has it somewhere in the mid 40’s as the high.

Hope to see you at the site, and as usual . . .

Keep on Steamin',
Rick Kirby, CMO