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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 02/02/2013

February 4, 2014

We had two good work sessions last week.

Various members escorted visitors around the restoration site. More visitors are expected as the days get warmer.

Ward Mc. and Danny R. repaired our west gate which appeared to have been nudged over by a wide turning vehicle setting off the alarm system. Ward and George D. assisted Danny welding two new steam pipes to the center cylinder cocks on both sides.

The flexible staybolt gang were busy again. Scott E., John T., Ron T., and Dave T. were atop the boiler removing rusty plugs, with others cleaning and re-facing them.

Dr. Mike, Pete A. and Martin S. stayed busy cleaning flexi sleeves under the plugs.

Warren J. and Dave T. also assisted volunteers search photos and records to determine the proper location of restored pipes on the locomotive.

Carlos O. began the work of reproducing the stolen cylinder exhaust piping. He laid out and cut the 6" diameter branch line off the 8" main up to the preheater. This fabrication forms the 8" x 6" 75 ° saddle tee. Dave V. is locating the bolt holes for the 1 1/4" thick square flanges which is a part of the above system.

Dave V. also finished prep work for the whistle/root valve tee. Cleaning was completed then the assembly was reinstalled in the smoke box with Ken D. and Dick P. assisting.

Randy Mc., Morris D., Jerome A., Pete O. and Don Mac. custom fit more wood into the cab. Fine craftsmanship indeed!

Ken D. headed up the 1/4" air brake crew as Scott E., Roger J. and Dave T. handled a long unruly piece of pipe back into place on the locomotive.

Dave T. also put another coat of black paint on the reverse gear transverse rod saddle bearing cap. It adhered well this time.

Ed S., Bob D. and Pete A. spent time cleaning two more side rods preparing them for the clear coat.

Last week two pieces of 3/4" cylinder cock piping was removed and taken to Grancor, our asbestos abatement company. Small amounts of the pesky material had been overlooked and not removed. The next day the abatement was complete. Mike S. began preparing them for reassembly.

Gail K. continued to work in the office keeping our membership list up to date and sending out reminders to those that have not paid their memberships to date. Doyle C. has been completing the quarterly Newsletter and should be ready for publishing soon.

They say February is the month of love. So if you love the old 2926 send money not chocolate. I guess chocolate AND money would be okay.

Hope to see everyone on site this week and as always . . .

Keep on Steamin',
Rick Kirby, CMO