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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 12/21/2013


Our dedicated volunteers continue working through the mornings and breezy afternoons.

Since the last TW3 we have been sorting out more electrical fixtures and conduits. They are being cleaned and prepared for paint.

All the driver air brake leaks have been located. The air supply pipes and their two-hole connector yokes were removed, disassembled and painted. The pipe threads were cleaned and the yokes reinstalled on the pipes. Each assembly was reconnected to their new valves and cylinders with new seals. A subsequent air test was performed and the pressure held firm.

Trailing truck air brake work continues as the last of the pipe fittings are being installed. Hardness testing on worn out clevis pins revealed a soft center and an outer layer considerably harder. Experimenting with various hardening methods is ongoing and results are expected next week. Once we have determined the best method all the new pins will be heat treated.

All the parts for the replacement radial buffer have been cut, beveled and tack welded in place. Unfortunately Carlos had a misstep, fell and cracked his lower right arm bone. We will evaluate his healing progress after the New Year and hope he has a speedy recovery.

Work has begun on chassis parts as four of the Franklin automatic compensator and snubbler for the driving boxes are being removed, cleaned and reinstalled. Final setting will be done after all eight are completed.

The ongoing flexible staybolt grinding and sleeve welding project is steadily progressing. That being said, at the current rate we will not meet our self-imposed completion date. After the holidays I will be looking for outside assistance with the staybolt welding. This leads me to the next topic of membership renewals. All existing members should have now received their Christmas cards (as long as we had current addresses) containing the membership renewal donation request. Thanks to all of you who have mailed in your donations so far. If you haven’t yet done so, please consider sending in a generous tax deductible gift.

If you are reading this and are not yet a member, please take the time and become one. Each membership helps us restore this iconic locomotive.

Gail and I, along with the rest of the Board of Directors, want to wish all our members and supporters an enjoyable time with family and friends as you celebrate this time of year. We do plan to have a time together as members around the time of January 10th, so please keep that date available if you will. We haven’t got all the details set in stone yet, but that date is a very good possibility. (That’s the day before the General and Refresher Meetings.) Please mark your calendars as more info will be reported as soon as I get them. Also, we are closed on New Year’s Day, but will be open January 4th.

Hope to see you on the site this coming Saturday, and as always . . .
Keep on Steamin’,
Rick Kirby, CMO