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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 02/15/2014

February 18, 2014

We are still having warm working conditions this winter.

Last Wednesday was no different. I almost fired up the A/C in the WHQ as the office temperature rose to 83 °.

Large aluminum bronze bushings were pressed into the timing gear frame along with various other timing arms.

The support brackets for the 3-1/2 fountain steam pipes were removed and were being readied for paint.

Welding continues on the radial buffer plate as well as the flexible staybolt sleeve replacements. We have hired two certified welders from JB Henderson Construction, a local mechanical contractor. Funds for this came from the BNSF Grant and other member donations.

Superheater work is about to begin in a few weeks. Sponsorship for these assemblies are available. If anyone wishes to sponsor a set please visit our website for details.

Reconditioned sander pipes were installed on driver two along with their freshly painted hangers.

More electrical conduits were cleaned and prepped for paint.

The aluminum crosshead shoes were picked up from the Babbitt contractor Thursday. John M. has transported them back to the Grand Canyon Railroad for final machining and fitting to the crosshead guides.

**The following is provided by Bob D. who is serving as CMO while I am unavailable. Most of this occurred on Saturday while I was out.

We took out the two un-installed rods and started removing the bad clear coat on them only to find that the loose stuff came off fast, the stuff that was correct was almost impossible to remove. Working on a solution.

The last of the aluminum/bronze bushing replacements were pressed in and we began to address the roughness of the pins that fit into them.

Engine handrails were worked on. Tried to remove some of it using care with no results. We need to just cut the rails off and leave the stanchions.

Prelim measurements were taken to start the new souvenir shop.

Alemite buttons were installed on the rocker shaft that works the valve timing and power reverse. Originally there was only an oil hole which collected water and drained it to the bearings. Not good.

More preps of staybolt sleeves to stay ahead of the welders.

A couple more weeks of welding to do on the radial buffer.

Hope to see everyone on site this week since weather will be nice, maybe some wind tomorrow, but we can't complain since we've had such great weather to work.

Keep on Steamin',
Rick Kirby, CMO