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"Banging on a 2900"

Work Session Status Week Ending 05/04/2014

May 6, 2014

Wednesday's work session was cancelled due to site track reconstruction which began Monday the 28th of April. During the first week of track work the tie plates were removed as well as track joiners, track, concrete and some ties dug up. Excavation will begin this week.

Saturday's work session began as normal which was the first day of summer hours. (7:30 am)

Men began sorting and needle scaling tie plates determining which ones are reusable.

Superheater piping work resumed as usual. The special boiler tap was received this week and an extension was fabricated in the machine shop. It will be used to perfectly align the inside threads to the outer crown sheet holes.

Bob D. reports our up to date volunteer hours for April is 104,298. Nice work everyone.

For anyone that questioned why we are reconstructing our track, I've attached some photos for you to see just how bad the ties were on the most western side of the site. I really don't know how we got the engine and tender to the GSA building for storage while the work is going on. It's amazing to me they didn't roll over into the dirt. There's also dirt work going on and the dirt put in Lake Robart has been flatten out for fill-in. We'll let Rich put these on the website for all to see.

See you at the site Saturday and as usual . . .
Rick Kirby, CMO